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The Iowa freedom of expression act essentially allowed the state to create additional freedoms when it came to student jounalism in addition to first amendment rights. It offered protection against censorship by the administation unless the material expressed by the student is obscene, offends others, demonstrates a clear and present danger to others, ect.


In 1988 the supreme court ruled that a school principles deletion of several articles from a school newspaper was, in fact, constitutional. The court ruled that an earlier ruling regarding the rights of students (Tinker V. Des Moines) only affected students that were not engaged in “school sponsered activities.” Since the newspaper was a “school sponsered activity” the school had juristiction over it.

Tinker v. Des Moines was basically the court case that Iowa currentelly uses to define its policy on school publications and free speech. In December 1965, a group of students wore black armbands to school to protest the Viet Nam war. In response, the school asked them to remove the armbands or return home. In response, the students and their families took the school to court. It eventually eventually ended up in the supreme court where the court ruled that (and I’m paraphrasing here) “free speech did not end when students entered the school building.”

For my last blog, I chose Mr. Anett’s “Afternoon Report.” This blog gives a basic summary of all the economic activity in the day, up until that point. (I just realized that all my that all of the blogs that I posted feeds to have an economic theme to them. This, I assure you, was entirely by accident). In any case, I enjoy this blog because it offers an in depth look at why what happened that particular day happened as opposed to arbitrarily reading of a seiries of numbers at the top of a newscast.

Out of all the links that I’ve put attached onto this blog, this has to be my favorite one. What freakonomics essentially does is explore the final, almost always unexpected outcomes of decisions that are made in finance and such (ie why sking is destroying the alps). Its a bit like chaos theory applied on the world stage.

I enjoyed this blog’s take on the way that the ups and downs of the economic market affect the “real” world. I think that we are all to often liable to think of the day’s stock performances only as numbers, without any real idea of the broader picture or of thier impacts on life.

So, here I am… a proverbial newborn into the world of the bloggosphere. Hopfully I will be able to update this with somthing approaching regularity and somtime around christmas I hope to be able to start podcasting, though it remains to be seen whether or not i will be posting it on this blog or some other one, probably the latter.