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These are the standards by which professional photographers are judged in the competitions they enter. This
evaluation uses a four-step scale (4=excellent, 3=good, 2=fair, 1=poor). Rate each quality of the print by placing the
number on the line next to the item being evaluated. Divide the total score by 12 to determine the grade point average
for this assignment.

Impact: 3, It has significant importance in that it paints a pretty accurate picture of what Churchill was like and how his personallity affected the course of world war 2

Creativity: 2, not really creative, just a picture of his face

Style: 3 I liked the v-victory sign and the backdrop

Composition: 2 it was sufficient, but not the best

Color Balance/Tone Balance:2 Churchil seems too stark against the backround

Center of Interest: 4 excellent, Churchill is the only one in the picture

Lighting: 2, too stark

Subject Matter: 4, I think it illistrates wider socioeconomic attitudes in 40’s Brittain

Print Quality: 2, not the best

Technique: 3, I was intruiged by the gateway in the backround, it gave it a kind of industrial feel to it

Storytelling Quality: 4, As I said, it illistrates the attitude of the britons at the time of world war II (we will fight in the hills, never surrender, ect)

Print Presentation: 3 good, but nothing to write home about

Total Score: ÷ 12 = 2.6

Average Grade


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