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These are the standards by which professional photographers are judged in the competitions they enter. This
evaluation uses a four-step scale (4=excellent, 3=good, 2=fair, 1=poor). Rate each quality of the print by placing the
number on the line next to the item being evaluated. Divide the total score by 12 to determine the grade point average
for this assignment.

Impact: 4, the impact of this photo was huge, especially in during the war as it must have had a huge emotional effect on the people back home.

Creativity: 3.5, The photo has some aspects that may be considered the calling cards of propaganda, but aside from that it was pretty good

Style: 4, excellent. I liked the use of black and white and think it was more effective that if the photo had been taken in color.

Composition: 4, Excellent porportions, really makes it pleasing to the eye.

Color Balance/Tone Balance: 4, As I said before, I like the use of black and white

Center of Interest: 4, The photo is totally focused on the people raising the flag, there’s nothing else to serve as a distraction

Lighting: 3.5, Considering the fact that there probably wasnt too much time to prepare the lighting for this photo, the lack of imagination can probably be excused. I suppose they did their best with what they could work with

Subject Matter: 4, Judging from the fact that this is a photo taken specifically for propaganda purposes, I think that it nailed it’s subject matter pretty well

Print Quality: 3, There was a sufficient number of pixels in the picture

Technique: 4, I really liked how he had the soldiers become almose part of each other and the flag

Storytelling Quality: 4, Sublime, you are totally engaged by the subjects of the photo, and you can really identify with the soldiers, its like your right there with them on the mountain, and that you had spent all day running on the beaches and climbing and dodging artillary shells

Print Presentation: 2, The picture quality was somewhat mediocre

Total Score: ÷ 12 =3 2/3

Average Grade


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